Ievo Ultimate



Key Features

  • Spoof and Live-ness Detection

Recently certified for Government use in the UK by the Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI) the ievo ultimate provides resistance to fake fingerprint attacks with a live-ness detection feature which checks for the presence or absence of live blood flow in the finger when presented to the fingerprint sensor. Therefore, the ultimate is perfect for high security projects.

  • Vandal Resistant

Most other existing biometric access control readers only need a standard screwdriver to remove them, causing not only security concerns but problems regarding data protection as most other readers store data on the reader itself. This is not how a security product should work. The ievo ultimate contains no controllers or relays within the product, instead they are installed up to 5 metres away on the secured side of the door, preventing unwanted access by unknown personnel. ultimate is also manufactured in polycarbonate ABS with a reinforced, toughened glass sensor giving it that extra robustness.

  • IP 65 Rated

The ultimate fingerprint reader is IP (Ingress Protection) rated to industry standard 65. This means that theultimate has been tested with water jets and dust, therefore it can be installed internally or externally without compromising its efficiency or reliability. The IP rated case enables ievo ultimate to be used in the harshest of environments, including extreme rain, wind, snow and direct sunlight.

  • Dirt, Oil and Grease…

The ievo ultimate multispectral imaging sensor enables a fingerprint image to be obtained even through levels of dust, dirt, oils, creams or cosmetics present on the skin and also through some types of latex gloves. Problem fingerprints that have been previously rejected by other biometric readers will be successfully scanned.