Ievo Micro


Key Features

  • Enhanced scanning performance

ievo micro’s optical fingerprint reader delivers highly enhanced features for a solely internal reader, including working with low levels of cream or powder on the skin as well as with some types of latex gloves. Compared to standard optical scanning fingerprint readers, the ievo micro is more reliable offering a cost effective biometric product.

  • Aesthetic internal design

The ievo team designed the micro reader with the end user in mind. The ergonomics of any biometric reader is paramount. With simple visual and audio automated alerts to inform the user if access has been granted or denied, it is DDA compliant and is incredibly easy to use.

  • Mullion or surface mountable

Aside from the conventional surface mount option,micro can be mullion mounted which allows the reader to be installed between the casements or panes of a window, door frame or any other awkward place within your chosen installation area. This means microwill not look obtrusive, maintaining the aesthetics of your surroundings.

  • Reader holds no data

Most competitor biometric access control products have built in controller/relays, meaning if the reader is removed from the installation space then access to the door will be granted. This is not how a security product should work. Therefore, the micro reader contains no controllers or relays instead they are installed up to 5 metres away on the secured side of the door.