Proximity compact vandal proof reader is a single door access control system with all of the electronics within the housing of the reader. Compact systems can be installed to many doors over a site, all using the same cards. The compact vandal proof reader’s cylindrical construction means that all the control electronics may be buried in a wall. This reader is ideal where access control is required on a door at risk of vandalism. The end cap is used as a marker, so users know where to present their tokens. A black and a white end cap are provided with the reader. Six additional colours are also available through registered installers, allowing the most harmonious choice to be made for the building.

Key Features

  • A simple solution for vulnerable areas
  • All cards are immediately valid
  • A lost card can be deleted in seconds
  • Extra card packs available from stock
  • Control over access by token colour
  • Up to 10,000 users on one site
  • IPX7 rated – suitable for external use