ACTentry V-IP audio video over IP surface panel


The vandal resistant door entry panel has an integrated call button, speech unit and a day and night colour video camera. When pressed the call button causes the custom developed software installed on any number of PC’s within the building to open up. The caller at the door can be spoken to and visually identified. The ACTentry V-IP audio video door entry over IP has been designed to suit any business premises that will have people calling to the door. The V-IP will allow anyone in the building to answer the door without having to leave their desk.

Key Features

  • audio video door entry over TCP/IP
  • grant / deny building access from PC
  • connect up to 8 PC’s
  • door relay, 5amp
  • alarm relay, 1amp
  • vandal resistant, stainless steel
  • integrated day and night colour video camera
  • integrated call button and speech unit
  • Note: requires DHCP